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Hi all, my name is Carol, I am a stay at home mum based in Wiltshire. I have been married to Chris for 21 years and have a little boy of 9. I have enjoyed card making for approx 9 years, and my passion is stamping. Hope you enjoy my blog


Friday, 6 August 2010

Football boy.....

So here is the story......I know it's not craft related but......we don't do football in our house...OH is into the sport where the cars drive around the track for a v long time making lots of noise.....formula 1 ;0), so anyhow getting to the point....we don't do football, but DS wanted to go on this 4 day football thingy with STF for 4 days because a lot of his friends were doing it (and who am I to refuse), he has had a blast!!!!! and more to the point only won himself a blinkin' trophy......where did that come from?????? but am I proud I hear you ask....HELL YEAH!!! I actually heard myself squeeling with delight when they called his name out....quite embarassing in a huge stadium with lots of echo.....

So I think I now need to make a brag book........the trophy is pride of place on his windowsill and will probably be dutifully dusted by mother every day!!! How cute is he in his kit, I love this boy he's the best!!!

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  1. Woohoo! Well done that wee man! I'd have squealed too. Ger x.


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