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Hi all, my name is Carol, I am a stay at home mum based in Wiltshire. I have been married to Chris for 21 years and have a little boy of 9. I have enjoyed card making for approx 9 years, and my passion is stamping. Hope you enjoy my blog


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Emmerald Craft: Tuesday Challenges

Good morning my bloggy people

Let's have a 'Totally crafty Tuesday' click on the link Emmerald Craft: Tuesday Challenges: for a list of Tuesday Challenges to get your teeth into -

Have a happy day, and thanks for dropping by today

Hugs x

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  1. Hi Carol, thanks for having so many intriguing links on your blog! It's frustrating though because I'm so busy at the moment. Although I check your blog most days I only get a chance to skim everything, and rarely get enough time to comment. Hopefully when the schools go back and all the renovations/decorating are completed life will be calmer. Still, there is one challenge you've linked to I might manage
    today ....
    After I've finished painting the bedroom!!!
    Ger x.


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