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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lovely jubbly candles

This is my first proper attempt at making candles, and was really pleased with the outcome, I tried making some at christmas but it was all done a bit rushed and they didn't turn out so good, Connors teachers were really chuffed with these ones ;0)

If you dont know how they are mad its quite simple, stamp your image on tissue paper (the type you get in shoe boxes, colour in and cut out (doesn't have to be too accurate) place onto your candle, I normally put a tiny bit of glue stick on candle to hold image in place. Wrap some greaseproof paper around candle and heat your image with heat tool.....DON'T MAKE MY MISTAKE AND OVER HEAT!!!! or you end up with a waxy mess :) the image should gently melt into wax as soon as this is done remove heat and VOILA!!!!! cheap lovely present.


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  1. These are gorgeous! I think I over-melted my attempts at Christmas but I will have another go. Love the inked labels too - nice touch.

    Ger x.


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